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Imoportant community updates and resources during Covid-19 pandemic

The needs of our community are growing due to the terrible COVID-19 pandemic. No senior or community member with a compromised immune system should have to put their health at risk to pick up groceries or other essential supplies. If you can donate time or funds, you can help save a life.


Why UJA Today?
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We are BIG. Unabashedly

Jewish Poverty. A crisis of affordability in the Jewish day-school system. Hatred and anti-semitism. A growing chasm between Israel and the Diaspora. Big issues demand big solutions. Our size is our strongest asset. We stand at the core of a network of more than 100 partner agencies, which means we have hundreds of experts who can collaborate and innovate to find the best solutions to tackle every challenge. And we can be a loud voice in the halls of power, advocating for Jewish life and for Israel.  Learn more

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We bring the community together

In times of crisis. When hatred and murder struck in Pittsburgh, UJA mobilized more than 5,000 Torontonians of all faiths and political backgrounds. Together, we all took an emotional and powerful stand against antisemitism.

In times of celebration. When every year, more than 20,000 members of the community Walk with Israel, in a breathtaking display of unity and pride for Jewish life and for our spiritual homeland.  Learn more

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We make your dollars go further

For every $1 you give to UJA, we attract an additional 46¢. We have the gravitas to partner with governments, philanthropists, and corporate sponsors to leverage significant financial investments, allowing us to stretch your dollars further and be as efficient as we are effective in helping people.  Learn more

How we do it
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Annual Campaign

A gift to United Jewish Appeal's Annual Campaign provides unrestricted funds to meet urgent, ongoing humanitarian and social service needs of Jews everywhere, to encourage and support Jewish education, Jewish community and to strengthen the quality of Jewish life here and in Israel.  Learn more

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Tomorrow Campaign

UJA Federation’s Tomorrow Campaign is the largest Capital Campaign of its kind ever undertaken by a Jewish community in North America. The Campaign includes the Honey & Barry Community Park.  Learn More

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Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

The Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto is a community foundation that makes charitable giving easy and rewarding so that individuals and families can fulfill their personal philanthropic goals and translate their charitable vision into viable solutions to some of the community’s most pressing needs.  Learn More